accessible and affordable natural healthcare for the whole family

Jessica offers accessible and affordable healthcare for the whole family

*iridology health assessments

*herbal medicine and flower essence remedies

*lifestyle and dietary/nutritional support


a herbalist prepares and prescribes natural remedies derived from plant products that are individually tailored to each client’s health profile. a consultation may involve dietary and lifestyle education and modification suggestions, a prescription of tablet or liquid herbal medicines, flower remedies, herbal teas, nutritional supplementation (if necessary), and referrals to other healthcare practitioners to build our team of support.


herbal medicine can work with all health problems (acute and chronic) as well as maintaining good health. herbal medicine can also be used in conjunction with medical treatments you may be undergoing.


nourish your body, improve elimination, return to balance, restore and repair to heal your health, rebuild your vitality, connect mindfully, maintain wellbeing


in addition to supporting general health and common ailments with botanical medicines, Jessica has special interest in

*women’s health – puberty & menopause, hormonal balance, endocrine issues, menstrual problems, PCOS, endometriosis, recurrent urinary tract infections/thrush

*reproductive and sexual health – including couples for preconception care, fertility, pregnancy, birth and postnatal support, sexual dysfunction

*infant, child and adolescent health – nutrition, growth and development, teething, ear infection, sleep support, immune health, hyperactivity, learning difficulties, self confidence

*digestive and bowel problems

*emotional and mental health – depression, grief, anxiety, stress management, low self confidence, support through life changes and challenges

*respiratory issues – asthma, sinus, hay fever, ear/nose and throat problems, recurrent infection

*immune health – colds and flu’s, glandular fever, allergies, acute and chronic illness, food sensitivities, skin complaints, HIV, herpes, auto-immune conditions

*lymphatic and circulation – stimulating and assisting the removal of internal toxins. Improving lymphatic and blood circulation.

*sleep and energy management

*health management of animals

other – diabetes, pains support, headaches and migraines, high cholesterol, high and low blood pressure


available for

Clinic appointments Monday 0800-2000 / Wednesday 0900-1830

Wholistic Health Group / 165 Darby Street, Cooks Hill, 2300

or Mobile practice for home visits (Newcastle area) or online/telephone consultations (Australia wide) by appointment


call 0407062934




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