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each of the 38 flower essence remedies discovered by Dr Bach is directed at a particular personal characteristic or emotional state. To select a remedy you need to think about the sort of person you are, the way you are feeling, and the way that you react in certain situations. Alternatively, write me an email and describe any situation you are struggling with at the moment, or things about yourself that you believe are holding you back from your life’s path and I will make you an individualised mix that I think will suit best. Can be a simple remedy (singular) or up to 7 essences in a bottle.

agrimony – mental distress hidden behind a cheerful face; avoid conflict; dislike being alone and seek company for distraction; things to excess and addiction.

aspen – fear, anxiety of unknown things; sleep walking, nightmares.

beech – intolerant and critical of others; sense of superiority; always right.

centaury – find it hard to say ‘no’; anxious to please; neglect own needs; easily influenced and dominated by others.

cerato – lack of trust in one’s own judgement and decisions; second questioning self and seeking advice; doubting self.

cherry plum – fear of the losing control/mind; nervous energy; obsessive; impulsive; sudden rage.

chestnut bud – failure to learn from mistakes/past experiences; need for self-reflection; recurrent ailments unknown cause identified.

chicory – possessive love; smothering; emotional manipulation; bossy and controlling; demanding attention; easily offended; self-pity.

clematis – dreaming of the future, lack of interest in the present; spacey or absent minded; hard to concentrate; sleepy; daydreaming.

crab apple – the cleansing remedy; poor self-image.

elm – overwhelmed by responsibility; don’t cope well under pressure.

gentian – easily discouraged after a setback or disheartened with difficulties that present; sceptical or pessimistic; feel failure; melancholy; depression from known cause; despondent.

gorse – hopelessness and despair; lost faith that things could get better in life; do not try to get well; incurable/chronic disease.

heather – dislike to be alone and talkative, over sharing detail; obsessed with own troubles; self-preoccupied and self-concerned; lack sense of other’s personal space.

holly – hate; anger; jealousy; suspicion; distrust without reason; insecurity; bad-tempered or aggressive; hard-hearted; violent; for protection from internal influences.

honeysuckle – living in the past; attached to happier days or unpleasant experience (past); homesick; nostalgia; past regrets imposing of present life; loss of loved ones.

hornbeam – tired at the thought of doing something; willpower and enthusiasm lacking; procrastination; not sufficient strength mentally/physically; ‘I just don’t think I can’ state of mind.

impatiens – impatience; act, think, speak quickly; irritated and frustrated by others that are slower, prefer to work alone; ‘now’.

larch – lack of self-confidence; feeling inferior to others; anticipates failure; self doubt; easily discouraged.

mimulus – fear of known things; shy and modest; over sensitive; nervous and embarrassed; blushing, stammering.

mustard – sudden depression out of the blue, then lifts just as suddenly; deep gloom with no origin.

oak – overworked and exhausted but struggles on; stoic and reliable; strong sense of duty and never gives up; can’t relax if there is work to be done; neglect own needs in order to complete a task.

olive – mental/physical exhaustion; totally drained of all energy with no reserves left; daily life is hard work, without pleasure; burnout.

pine – guilt and self-reproach; feeling undeserving/unworthy; discontent and critical of self; feeling of shame; over apologetic.

red chestnut – selfless over-concern or fear for the welfare of others, especially loved ones; fretful and worry about other people’s problems.

rock rose – terror; fright; panic; become frozen and helpless when afraid; sympathetic overdrive; in accident, a near escape or sudden illness; acute threat; nightmares.

rock water – seeking self-perfection with subsequent self-denial/repression of joys and pleasures; set high standards and never satisfied with own achievements; strict self-discipline and inflexible; lack insight to this.

scleranthus – uncertainty; cant decide between alternatives; often change opinion; intense mood swings; lack of balance; yes and no; can waste time and energy, and lose opportunity.

star of bethlehem – shock (mental/physical); grief or sorrows.

sweet chestnut – extreme mental anguish; hopeless despair; emptiness; inconsolable; unresponsive; sense of desolation; reached uttermost limit of endurance (physical/mental).

vervain – over-enthused; highly strung and intense; strong-willed and hold strong views; forceful with opinion; hate injustice, concerned with matters of principle.

vine – assertive dominance; ambitious; natural leader; authority.

walnut – for protection at times of change (to support transition and allow adaptation); sensitive to outside influences (people, situations, energy, ideas).

water violet – private and self-reliant; proud and often giving impression aloofness; seek solitude when overwhelmed; find it hard to open up to other; hold in emotion.

white chestnut – persistent unwanted thoughts and mental arguments; re-live unhappy events over and over; find it difficult to concentrate during day, or to sleep at night; mental congestion.

wild oat – uncertainty as to correct path in life; at a crossroad; ambitious and talented, lack direction; bored and unsettled in career; frustration.

wild rose – drifting through life with resignation to everything; apathy; disconnected to present; lack ambition.

willow – holding grudges; resentment and bitterness; blaming of others; self-pity or ‘why me’ attitude (feeling wronged/life is unfair); have difficulty forgiving and forgetting; dissatisfied.

emergency combination; rescue remedy – used in emergencies; use before stressful events; will reduce stress, fear or nervousness; to restore balance;

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